From Humble Beginnings…

SUCCESS was pioneered in 2000 at University College Hospital in London by Dr Helen Spoudeas, a paediatric endocrinologist. Its aim was to provide age-appropriate, interdisciplinary assessments to a growing group of survivors of childhood brain tumours and cancer.

…to largest neuroendocrine holistic support service  nationwide

SUCCESS was the first unit of its kind in the UK, and remains the largest single neuroendocrine holistic support service nationwide for over 1,500 survivors of childhood brain tumours. It specialises in  assessing late effects, and raising awareness of the consequences  of tumour treatment and brain injury on the hormone (endocrine) system and the deep central midline area of the brain (the diencephalon).

More needs to be done!

SUCCESS now provides a split-site service between Great Ormond Street Hospital and the adolescent service at University College London Hospitals (UCLH). More needs to be done. Brain-targeted treatments have a big impact on the life of the growing child. Early intervention can positively influence the eventual adult he/she will become. Neuroendocrine assessment and  lifelong follow up support should be offered to all children surviving brain tumours . Our ambition is to enhance our paediatric service and its allied research and develop new services for adult survivors (from the age of 25) within the brain injury and endocrine services  at UCLH.