Catherine's blog #1


Let it Be

 My last blog, lightly touched upon the subject I wish to go into today, and as a gentle reminder I have included the quote here.

“The past can hurt. But from the way I see it, you can either run from it, or... learn from it. “ Rafiki – The Lion King


as you might be able to tell I am a bit of a Disney fanatic, but to be honest Disney has I think taught us a lot of life lessons and Rafiki’s words have definitely struck a chord with me.

My subject therefore is The Past, specifically learning how to embrace it, realise your strength and weakness, and adapt as many scenarios as possible to your favour. As I briefly mentioned in my first blog my understanding of this concept took awhile to sink in (to be honest I just read it back and I wonder if it did really sink in properly.) Thinking I was exactly the same as every other 20 something was NOT a good idea and it just led to me being upset and thinking I wasn’t as good as my colleagues at doing some work. But OF COURSE I wasn’t as good at that precise task, to put it bluntly someone (to whom I am very grateful) had cracked my skull open and removed a chunk of brain, OF COURSE there would be affects, and as a consequence I should have given myself a break and thought through how I could play to my advantage and put myself on a level footing with my colleagues.

As I write this a particular episode springs to mind, during my first degree I handed in an essay, and I remember on getting the feedback my lecturer told me it was like I hadn’t bothered to proof read it (which I had, several times.) For one thing this, I thought, was quite hurtful and unfair, but to be honest I should of made it clear to that particular lecturer that my eyesight was poor and reading a page of text on a computer screen is possibly my worst nightmare. I should of also written my essay in as large font/bold type as possible, making life a little easier for myself and putting my best piece of work forward.

So what can we glean from this?

  1. Adapt the environment to you – when faced with a task don’t think OMG! I must do this straight away just like everyone else, take a breath and think how can I produce my best piece of work?
  2. Never compare yourself to ANYONE , their strength might be your weakness but the converse is true as well
  3. Understand you, you’ve been through a lot and if you have to make an adaptation to your surroundings then just do it, don’t feel too self conscious to stand out and change things
  4. Give yourself a break! - You may not be the best “speed reader” in the world, but you can always highlight the words! There is always a way around the obstacle you face.


Embracing the past has been my biggest lesson this year. Your past experiences do to an extent define who you are, and if you don’t stop to admit you are a different person then life will conspire against you! Leaving the safety of university has taught me this lesson time and time again and to be honest it is only really been the last couple of months that I have fully understood what is difficult for me and how I can “ play the game of  life” to my advantage.