Soline's Story #1


My Story

My name is Soline. I had a brain tumor when I was 6. It was a medulloblastoma, a type of cancer.  I remember the radiotherapy when my mum was singing to me and reading stories while I was receiving the treatment. The doctors melted a mask on my hand and then on my face, it was very hot. I was scared to be left alone in the room under my green mask. I remember doing crafts in the playroom with other children – I was very creative and I still am. Last year at the Success conference I met a girl whom I played with at that time. She remembered me.

I remember that I had to drink a sort of milkshake to put on weight when I was under chemotherapy. I did not like it and since then I still hate all milkshakes or smoothies.

During chemotherapy I had to receive platelets regularly. I remember the yellow liquid. I met a girl there who had another type of cancer and who sadly died later.

Following the treatments I often feel like I am a mushroom because I am shy and little, and the other children are carrots because they stand up straight and they are brave. I still feel like that sometimes, especially now that I moved to a new school, but it is getting better.

I am lucky to be 14 years old now. I am a survivor! I love arts and I am very creative. I make anti stress crafts, bracelets, knitting, and all sorts of arts. When I grow up, I want to work with children, like a nursery or arts teacher in a Steiner school.

I enjoyed the Success conference last year because I realised that there were other children who were the same as me. I was surprised that there were so many. I liked to hear their stories and I was impressed to see them talking in front of everyone. I would like to be as brave as them.  At the lunch break I made some origami and other children (and even adults!) asked me to teach them. I liked that!