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The C.R.A.P. Board



C.R.A.P. stands for Conflicts, Resistances, Anxieties, Procrastination and any other problem you think you have, and it's one of the most fun and useful strategies for stopping the brain from ruminating on your problems, fears, and weaknesses. This technique has 30 years of cognitive therapy research and the neuroscience of watching your negativity is profound: your brain disconnects from its worries when you relax and observe it on a sheet of paper!  🙂

Having trialled the technique, myself now for several months on hundreds of young people, I feel the time is right to share this technique with the SUCCESS community and I want to thank Mark Waldman, Neuro coach for sharing this gem and for allowing us to post this on our website.  It works….it really does work. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive with both individuals and in groups of all ages. In our community we have all been through a huge trauma….but it is often not that but often countless other little things that get in the way of us living the fullest life we can. However big or small our C.R.A.P is, it feels so good to get it down on paper.

The brain always tends to look first for the problems in the world before looking for a solution….hence why we started by sharing the vision board as a moving forwards strategy. This activates the motivation centre of our brain. The C.R.A.P board has the complete opposite effect on the brain. All our worries, fears, doubts, weaknesses, all the things that hold us back and make you procrastinate are stored in our right pre-frontal cortex. It’s all in there because it’s how the brain protects us as it wants to stop us from making mistakes. By writing it all down…. the brain can let go and disconnect from it.

Here are the instructions:
- On a single sheet of paper write down at least 20 of your limiting beliefs, worries, fears, weaknesses, doubts - real or imaginary.

- Then deeply relax and ask your intuition what else you should add to the list.
- Then add all of the weakness that you believe other people would say you have.
- Now relax as deeply as possible as you gaze at the paper in front of you. Don’t judge anything you see; just observe it like an object in the room. As you gaze, yawn, slowly stretch.

- As you look at each item on your list, ask yourself: are these negative thoughts REALLY true? Are they happening right now? Most of the time you'll see that they are just memories.
- Next, repeat this phrase as you look at the items that aren't really true: "These problems are not real; they are memories from the past projected onto the future."
For those that are true, write down 2 things you can do today to lessen that problem and repeat this exercise for 7 days.

Put your C.R.A.P Board on the wall where you can see it regularly. Don’t put your C.R.A.P. board in an envelope or a drawer and definitely DO NOT THROW IT AWAY! If you do, your unconscious mind will start to ruminate on all that negativity. But when it's on a sheet of paper, there is a neural “disconnect,” as if your brain knows that your “crap” is safely tucked away and on hold.

When new negative thoughts and feelings come up, quickly jot them on your C.R.A.P. board. Each day you will notice less negative thoughts.
Remember: old memories are always "there" in your brain, but you don't have to listen to them or believe they are true. You can even talk to them and tell them to shut up! They usually will.
Some people believe that writing down their "crap" will make it manifest in the world. Nothing could be further from the truth...
When you meditate on your C.R.A.P. board, you'll see that alot of the items are not really true. Cross them off, or write "not" or "cancel" over it!

Post your C.R.A.P. board next to your vision board, or accomplishment board or positive statement or images etc.  The more often your brain sees the list, the less reactive it becomes. The crap remains, but it doesn't affect your daily life!

It's time to release your C.R.A.P! Any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.